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  1. You should (a) conduct your own throughout research, investigation and analysis on the issuer and all relevant information and documents provided; and (b) consult your own professional financial and legal advisers, to assess the merits and risks before committing in any investment.
  2. Issuers using our platform to raise funds are private start-up, early stage or small or medium sized companies. Investment in these types of businesses is relatively speculative and carries higher risks compared to other public securities offerings under Malaysian law.
  3. Issuer’s performances are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual events and the future results of the Issuer to be different from the anticipated performance. You should be prepared to bear the economic and financial risks of losing your entire investment.
  4. You may not be provided with all financial, business or other information of the Issuer which could be relevant for your investment decision, although believed to be reasonable.
  5. Offering being made on our platform and registration of our platform with the Securities Commission Malaysia shall not be regarded as merits indication or recommendation to participate in any investment.
  6. Your investment made through our platform will be illiquid as there is no public market for the shares of the issuer and you are unlikely to sell your shares until and unless the issuer is listed on the securities exchange market or is acquired by another company which may take a number of years from the time of your investment.
  7. If the issuer raises additional capital at a later date, it may issue new shares to the new investors and thus the percentage of issuer’s shares that you owned may be diluted accordingly. The new shares may carry certain preferential rights to dividends, sale proceeds and others which may work to your disadvantage.
  8. All monetary transactions made through our platform shall be in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) unless specified otherwise. As such, if your investment herein is made through a non-RM denominated account, your investment amount may be different depending on the exchange rate of the day as set out by the relevant financial institutions. Any deficit or losses as a result of the fluctuation in exchange rate shall be at your own risk.
  9. Any loss resulting from you trading or investment through our platform is not covered by the Capital Market Compensation Fund.

Dated: 28 April 2021