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How much can I raise?

As of November 2021, the Securities Commission Malaysia allows a limit of RM20,000,000 to be raised.

Are there any fees?

Yes, there is an application fee of RM4,888. Additionally, iPivot takes a platform fee for successful campaigns of 6-7%, depending on how much money is raised.
The successful fee will be revised to 7% flat starting in 2023.

Am I guaranteed to raise money?

As much as we would love it to be the case that everyone could raise money with 100% certainty, there’s no such thing as a guarantee for success. What we can help you with is presenting your startup in a way to increase your chances of success as much as possible.

Are there any risks to crowdfunding?

The main risk is simply not being able to raise the amount of money you need, and the time you’ve invested in the process.

In addition, there will also be some disclosures that will be made available on the platform, such as financial information and other statutory disclosures, which can sometimes be sensitive in nature. Beyond these, there’s no risk to you.

How it works?

Raising capital through equity crowdfunding doesn’t have to be complicated, and we will do our best to break everything down to its most fundamental level.

Create an account

It's a simple process, and it’s free!

Have a chat with us

You'll meet with our dedicated support team, for us to find out more about your startup vision and goals, and determine how we can best assist you. At this stage, our team will begin a short period of due diligence for us to make sure that all the i's are dotted, and the t's are crossed.

Preparation and publishing

Now that we have a good grasp of your crowdfunding needs, we will create a pitch page for your startup.


We'll bring your project to our network of partners. This will help to generate a buzz around your startup, and could potentially open some doors for you.

Raise funds

Here's where the magic happens! Campaigns will normally run for 30 days, and should the campaign reach its goal, the money raised will be released to you. If the goal isn’t met, all money will go back to your investors.

Continue your journey!

If your fund-raising campaign is successful, you’ll now have the necessary resources to bring your business to the next level!