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Early Closure Of Deal

If a campaign has reached its maximum targeted fundraising amount (if any) as stated in the term sheet, or in the event of an oversubscription and as jointly agreed between iPivot and the Issuer, a campaign may be pulled down earlier than the given 30 days. In the event of an early closure of campaign, platform users will receive such notification at least 24 hours before the actual closure date.

Referrals Profit Sharing

Any referrals profit sharing, including payment in the form of shares, in connection with an issuer hosted on our platform shall be disclosed on the campaign's offer page.

Pre-marketing Rights Of Investors

Investors who have transferred a Commitment Deposit into our trustee account during the pre-marketing period are allowed to request for a refund within 10 days after the campaign goes live on www.ipivot.biz. Other than that, investors have the right to request for refund of such Commitment Deposit if the campaign does not go live within the validity period or the extended validity period stated in the Commitment Deposit. If there is no request for a refund of such deposit within ten (10) days after such notification, the investors’ payment shall signify your agreement to proceed with your investment based solely on information on the Issuer and terms and conditions for investment published on www.ipivot.biz.

Such deposit will only be refunded to the pre-marketing investors who requested for refund within the timeline within two (2) weeks after the Proposed Exercise is completed and the offer expires on www.ipivot.biz.

Deal Transfer of funds from campaign to campaign disclose amount of transfer at start of pre-m/ listing

Transfer of funds is only allowed if both the criteria below are achieved:

  1. the oversubscribed campaign and another campaign were originated from the same Issuer / Group of Companies; and
  2. the other campaign has entered the pre-marketing period when the Letter of Rejection was issued to the rejected Investors from the oversubscribed campaign ("Oversubscribers").

The amount of funds transferred and number of investors shall be disclosed on the offer page of the second campaign during the pre-marketing period.

Business Continuity Plan ("BCP")

iPivot is committed to safeguard the interests of all its stakeholders by ensuring an appropriate level of business resilience throughout the iPivot Group. As such, we have put in place a BCP to ensure that the critical business functions are able to be recovered in a timely manner in the event of any major disruption to our business or that we are forced to cease our business. Under such events, we will inform our users at the soonest possible.