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27 AUG


95 Seats
CrowdPlus x AgenC : Private Pitching #2

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About this Event

This is a BY INVITATION ONLY PRIVATE PITCHING SESSION only for an elite group of investors like you - for your comfort and convenience, it's being done ONLINE so that you can sit back in your comfort zone!

AgenC Malaysia has stated pre-marketing for its equity crowdfunding!
Quick intro - AgenC owns and operates a technology platform that enables and empowers budding and veteran free agents in their sales career. The platform’s features cultivate every free agent to maximize their sales performance and allow them to unleash their limit by giving them opportunities and personal and professional development through training and networking within the AgenC ecosystem of people. As a technology platform that will lead and empower the free agents, AgenC will preserve and retain the values of a traditional agency and at the same time incorporate within it modern and technological trends to achieve a balance in both elements to achieve maximum results.

SIGN-UP at www.crowdplus.asia to know more and receive notifications about Agenc Malaysia or simply JOIN others who are investing during the pre-marketing stage to gain some priority on others!

If you would like a chat, feel free to pm or call us. Our friendly CrowdPlus Crew is ready to serve you!
John - 019 2151041
Hope - 019 2151489
Grace - 019 2151261
Mark - 019 2151632

Date And Time

Thu, Aug 27, 2020
08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Closing Date

27 Aug 2020



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