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StemCell First - Making Healthcare Affordable to Everyone


StemCell First is leading a transformation in stem cell services and product to provide better health care options. The company is always in the look out for ne...Read More

0% Funded  |  49 Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 9,000,000

Cellmore Foods 2 - Cooking Made Simple

Agriculture & Fishery  

Cellmore Group is a Malaysian incorporated business that process, distribute, and market seafood products to Singapore primarily from its processing plant in Ma...Read More

0% Funded  |  31 Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 4,000,000

Banyan F&V Sdn Bhd – Revolusionising Aquaponics

Agriculture & Fishery  Extended

Banyan F&V has successfully developed a modular aquaponics system where we are able to combine our patent pending air-lift RAS and filtration technology into a ...Read More

2% Funded  |  24 Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 1,000,000

Nuri Logitek - Digitalizing Competency Training and Assessment

Education & Edtech  

Nuri Logitek Sdn Bhd focuses on digitalizing competency training and real time assessment by using Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, Learning Management Systems...Read More

Poket Media - To Accelerate The Advent Of Sustainable Education

Education & Edtech  

Poket School™ is an EduTech start-up that offers a Software as a Service (Saas) platform and an international marketplace for online video courses. These plat...Read More

Spinalive - Adjusted & Remastered

Healthcare & Beauty  

The only one stop center for chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments currently available in the country. Our practitioners specialized in different branches o...Read More - On-demand Safety, One-Click Away

Apps & Software Services is a mobile platform that connects users with security guard professionals. It is a patented B2B, C2B, B2C and C2C security guard platform that pr...Read More

Pentaip - Your Personal Robo-Advisor

Fin Tech  

Pentaip is a FinTech startup that offers a Wealth Management Technology designed to enable effortless investment whilst maximising capital gains through the use...Read More

394% Funded  |  NA Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 500,000

SEC - Your Trusted Brand

Electrical & Electronics  

The Company is the largest electronic retail chain stores in Northern Malaysia with 57 years of history in the market. It revolutionises the world of consumer e...Read More

132% Funded  |  NA Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 300,000

Malayan Seafood

Agriculture & Fishery  Extended

Malayan Seafood Sdn Bhd comprises of a floating fish farm and land-based fish farm that produces 4 different types of fish to customers. The four different type...Read More

167% Funded  |  NA Day(s) Left Funding Target  MYR 1,500,000